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Aware as we are of the highly critical situation of our planet system, we are convinced that designing eco-sustainable systems is the only path for research to follow to find a balance between people and the habitat.

Dynamis Italia is a young company which specialises in the design and realisation of eco-compatible power systems.

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Turn-Key Photovoltaic Technology Systems Grid Connected.
Ground systems, roof systems, other systems. Industrial, home and rural uses.

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Example for the realisation of an industrial system in Central Italy.

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Isofoton, the first European manufacturer of photovoltaic panels.

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Dynamis Italia S.r.l. - P.Iva 06034761210
Registered Office Viale Antonio Gramsci 17/B - 80122 Napoli
Operative Office Polo della qualità Zona Industriale Asi - 81025 Marcianise (CE) - Tel. +39 0823 512545 - Fax +39 0823 512544