The Systems

The systems we produce are based on Grid Connected Technology.
The photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electrical power, generating a direct current proportional to the solar irradiance they receive.

The system consists of connecting a string of photovoltaic modules installed in series connected to static convertor or inverters, that transform the energy produced by the photovoltaic field, in direct current, into alternated current at a frequency and voltage equal to that of the electric distribution network.

The power generated, which is measured through a meter, is sold to the Distribution System Operator (DSO) as provided by M.D. dated 19/02/07, subtracting the eventual consumption of the system itself.

The panels used consist of single-crystal amorphous silicon cells characterised by an average conversion efficiency of 13-15%.
Morphologically the basic cell has a shape known as “pseudosquare”, namely the result of the squaring of a 6” or 8” wafer.
Its typical colour is black, and, to confirm the polarisation and orientation of the single-crystal silicon of which it composed, it reflects light uniformly, taking on the same dark colour in all directions.

From an electrical point of view, the deterioration of the outdoor performance of the photovoltaic modules produced with this technology translates into a reduction of the peak power, with respect to the nominal factory value, of approximately 1% a year, meaning that this reduction after 10 years is equal to approximately 10 % while after 20 year it is about 17 %.

All the panels are covered by IEC 61215-TUV Class II Certification, guaranteeing that they will be undamaged by weather agents such as hail, wind pressure, rain etc., for a period of twenty years which is an essential requisite to obtain funds from the energy account provided by the State

Photo by Isofotón

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