Isofóton Italia together with its parent company Isofóton S.A. whose headquarters are in Spain is a leader and pioneer in the field of photovoltaic technology: the company manufacturers modules and supplies complete turn-key systems.

Today Isofóton is the leading European producer of photovoltaic panels with a penetration on the world market of 12 %, and a European penetration of 25 %.

In recent years Isofóton has extended its operations to network applications increasing its production output to 130 MW/per annum in the case of photovoltaic solar energy and 70 MW/per annum of thermal solar energy (equivalent to approx. 100.000 sq.m.).

Installations of this kind in Italy are the Scillato Municipality Power Station (PA), with an installed power of 250 KW; the power station of Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA) with an installed power of 1 MW.

In Spain particularly worthy of mention are the installations of the Granada Science Park , with 200 KW; the Pergola of the 2004 Forum in Barcelona Province with 1.3 MW; the solar tracker power station in Seville Province , with 6.0 MW.

Isofóton today leads the way in industrial research and development of cutting-edge network systems.

Photo by Isofotón

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