These include not only environmental advantages but even economic and social advantages.

Thanks to recent technical innovation, regulations and the undoubted economic advantages offered by State Ministry Decrees, photovoltaic solar energy is today considered to be an investment option of primary importance , in a macro-economic context marked by a continuous increase of electrical energy produced by renewable sources.

The period of amortisation of the system depends on the following factors:

Solar potential of the system : this is the power of the photovoltaic generator.
Latitude, inclination and orientation of the generator.
Presence of shading elements.
Nominal power of the system: the sales price of the power depends on the nominal power of the installation. The nominal power is defined as the power of the plant obtained by summing the power of all the modules of the generator calculated in the STC (Tamb=25°, Irr=1000W/m2, AM=1.5).

A single plant may have different inverters, each connected to its photovoltaic generator field. This makes it possible to carry out maintenance on one section of the plant without interfering with the other sections and provides great modularity to the system in terms of:

the effective power
the possibility of extensions
adapting the plant to any location, reducing shading phenomena to a minimum and installing fields at different inclinations and in varying directions.

Photo by Isofotón

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